Tachyonized Products


Advanced Tachyon Technologies, led by Tachyonization™ inventor, David Wagner, has grown to serve 156 Countries, changing Lives Globally! You have found the world’s only patented and globally researched Tachyon products.

Both physical and Emotional pain drain your energy. Tachyon ENERGY TOOLS & NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS increase your vitality and strengthen your LIFE-FORCE. Find solutions for Pain Relief, Sport activities support, Sleep & Meditation enhancement, Specific health conditions and Rejuvenation in general. Experience Tachyon Spiritual Nutrition for Youthing and Whole Body Transformation. Learn more and order products here: store.planet-tachyon.com

Man made EMFs (ElectroMagneticFrequences) are causing multiple health issues. According to well-respected Entropy research expert, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of The Tree of Life Center in Arizona cell phones & smart meters are a real epidemic hazard. Protect yourself and your loved ones easily from the harmful EMFs produced in your home and your work place by Tachyon Discs. Read more or order at store.planet-tachyon.com


Eila is a Certified Tachyon Wellness Practitioner. Feel free to contact and ask for product suggestions.