Alignment of all energy systems to enhance the bodies’ capacity and potential to heal


“There is a healing power that transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening to it, without preconceived agendas, we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives and, as such, transform our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls in ways that otherwise may seem impossible”. ~ Dr. Eric Pearl, Creator of Reconnective Healing® & Reconnection™.

Reconnective Healing®

ReconnectiveHealingPic13-300x189Reconnective Healing means returning to the Optimal State of Vibration & Balance for healing. It is energy healing, where no physical contacts are made on the client. It does not focus on symptoms. It is the interaction with the Reconnective Healing Frequences that bring about healings. Sessions are 50-60 minutes long. They can be taken one session or a few sessions at the time when needed.

When Reconnective Healing Frequences entrain with our energy body (subtle energy fields around us) we emit and vibrate at a higher level. The higher frequencies we vibrate the healthier we are. Reconnective healing creates greater harmony and balance within us.

The Reconnection™

Reconnection™ is an accelerated exchange of the energy found in the Reconnective Healing Frequences. It is a focused formation, specific 2-day protocol, to connect three systems: The ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid.

Reconnection™ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Powerful energy shifts for healing and transformation may occur. See for Testimonials. For consultation and appointments, contact Eila.