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Electro-Equiscope™ promotes healing by applying small electrical currents directly to the energy pathways of the body. This current is administered through small probes on the skin’s surface. Procedure is non-drug, non-invasive, and painless. This makes it a safe alternative for anybody, including children and pets. The subtle energy goes into damaged tissues and can create an optimal healing for the body:ElectroProscope1

  • Relieves Pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Accelerates Injury Recovery

The fact that Intelligent Microcurrent delivered by Electro-Equiscope™ can smooth and tighten Soft Tissue, makes it a powerful device for Aesthetic Applications like FACIALS & CELLULITE Reduction.


What to expect:


Program is tailored to person’s individual needs. Generally three consecutive 60 min sessions. Sessions have a cumulative effect, which often leads to permanent pain relief or greatly reduced pain levels. For many clients three sessions are enough. Depending on the severity of the condition or degeneration, it may take more time to see results, but commonly 3-12 sessions. Clients can expect increased range of motion, improved neuromuscular function and a sense of wellbeing after the first time,


reduction or elimination of pain within three sessions and a feeling of regeneration in twelve. The number of Facial sessions for visible results depends on age/degeneration. Some improvement is normally seen during first sessions. The youthful look of aged skin takes 10-12 sessions, after that only occasional maintenance required. How often, depends on client’s life-style choices.


Advanced Electro-Equiscope™ Procedure is a great choice for people who:

  • Have not had success with conventional approaches
  • Would like to recover faster from injuries, or trauma
  • Seek detoxification at the cellular level
  • Want to enhance their sleep and ability to relax

How it works:

The human body functions largely through electrical impulses that transmit information from cell to cell. When illness or injury damages cells, the proper information cannot get through. One way to treat illness, injury, or the pain is to help restore the balance of electrical current in person’s body. Electro-Equiscope™ uses Intelligent Microcurrent technology that scans and corrects patterns in nerve and connective tissues. Advanced Electro Equiscope Protocols open channels of cell membranes to let toxicity come out and lets energy in for Balance and Healing.

Watch testimonial video here: https://youtu.be/KU2-RcZbBPA

Vibrational Medicine – Future Medicine! Learn how you can benefit from Electro-Equiscope™, Advanced Health Technology.

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