BodySound® System uses Sound & Vibration to catalyze Positive Change! Free yourself from stress and – if you so choose – come along for a Journey of Spiritual Development.

BodySound® Technology consists of an amplified layered music played through transducers built into a comfortable tilting Chaise. This generates synchronized sounds, vibration and strategically placed dynamic magnetic field affecting the central nervous system and the human energy system.

BodySound® Technology can be used in many different purposes:

  • To relax and to learn how to recreate a maximal level of physiological relaxation any time you choose
  • To bring up emotional feelings and aid you in learning how to process/integrate your feelings
  • To facilitate spiritual and metaphysical experiences
  • To progress along a spiritual path

Stressors in our environment, whether they result from illness, financial issues, relationship problems or simply due to a traffic jam, first impact the human nervous system and then the body. The stress response prepares our body for fight or flight and in our modern society, with numerous stressors, often causes us to experience stress on a chronic basis. The BodySound® system can produce a very potent Relaxation Response.

With repeated practice you can learn what a profoundly relaxed body feels like. In this way it becomes easy to reproduce this feeling and you can remain relaxed more or most of the time. You are less likely to be triggered by some negative experiences in life. You will become more present, feel less fear-based emotions, and rely less on your coping strategies. You are able to bring into your life joy and abundance effortlessly.

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Are you looking for deep relaxation or are you ready to take it further to a Journey of Soul Embodiment following a guided process? Either way BodySound® can enhance your well-being in many ways. For questions, consultation or appointment, contact Eila.