Meet Eila

Eila Norberg

Advanced holistic healing and consciousness awakening facilitator


I have reached the point in my life that I can freely focus on what I am most passionate about; I want to bring about a new level of consciousness in the field of healing and personal development, and empower others to create success to thrive in previously unseen ways. For this opportunity I am ever grateful for the full support of my family.

I provide fundamental yet practical tools and techniques to dissolve unconscious patterns of behavior that can create instability and stress that can block you from living the life you love. We will work together to bring about a consciously evolving lifestyle of optimal health, wealth, and happiness. All of these go hand in hand; Without health, wealth doesn’t have much meaning and we would not fully enjoy the fortunes, financial or otherwise, that we have cultivated.

To truly heal there has to be integration in healing not only our physical bodies, but also in our more subtle energy bodies that are an aggregate of our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of existence. These facets of the non-corporeal body correlate with different levels of consciousness, awareness, and energy, respectively.

I have found that Eastern healing models focus on the subtle energy bodies, while western medicine deals mainly with the physical body. While both modalities of healing have their benefits, I believe in a healing and personal growth philosophy that integrates and harmonizes the best of both ancient wisdom and modern science in a transformational and doable approach. It is the consciousness that holds the switch to well-being and a purposeful life, let us work together to bring this to fruition!

My ideal clients – yet not limited to this – are:

  • Young or young in heart entrepreneurs that already experienced some success, but feel stuck in the current situation and want to gain more confidence to usher their business to a new level of success and meaningfulness..
  • Those who feel the impulse to create & grow in such areas as life-purpose, confidence, prosperity, self-healing, impact, influence – the areas that the conventional models do not address.
  • Those who embrace possibilities, dream big, and have the desire to meaningfully participate in shaping the future world.




Formal education in Finland: Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics. After moving to USA I continued studying Natural Health, Quantum Physics applications and consciousness/spirituality related subjects.

Credentials (USA):

B.Sc. Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama, 08/03/2010


Neurokinesis Techniques, Level I certification, Oct 29, 2016

Higher Brain Living® Master Facilitator since 08/02/2015, Higher Brain Living, Advanced Facilitator since 08/28/2012

Electro Equiscope™, IntellBio Technician, Thorp Institute of Integrated medicine, 12/01/2014

Reconnective Healing, Reconnection®, 2013

Tachyon Holistic Wellness Practitioner, University of Integrated Sciences, CA, 03/19/2012