When we feel better, we live better!

Could you use more of deep rejuvenating sleep? How would it feel to get up every morning refreshed and full of CALM energy? Would it change how your day would turn out?

Is weight loss your concern? How would it feel living in your ideal body permanently?

Is your coffee giving you a “nerving buzz” or maybe heartburn? Switch to a cup (or many more) of calming energy & alkaline PH beverage.

The new research is starting to show consistently Lingzhi’s capacity of removing a large number of common health concerns that shorten lifespan.


Lingzhi’s Properties and Benefits or conditions where helpful:

✦ Anti-inflammatory (dramatically)
✦ Anti-allergy (dramatically) and antihistamine
✦ Antiviral (including HIV & herpes I & II)
✦ Antifungal
✦ Antibacterial
✦ Chronic fatigue (significant improvements)
✦ Heart disease and atherosclerosis
✦ Improved mood
✦ Increase blood flow, lowers blood pressure
✦ Adrenal adaptogen
✦ Thyroid stimulating
✦ Improved mental focus
✦ Increased acetylcholine transmission
✦ Activate Natural Killer Cells
✦ Loss of insomnia (dramatically)
✦ Relief for cough and asthma
✦ Anti-oxidative
✦ Insulin resistance
✦ Anti-aging effects
✦ Liver protection effects
✦ Asthma; enhances oxygen absorption
✦ Increased sexual function
✦ Improved cholesterol ratios
✦ Immuno–modulator
✦ Improved mood

This list is from a document that you can get e-mailed to you by returning your e-mail address in the box on the bottom of the page. This document contains links to materials, where you can further study medicinal mushrooms.

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