Higher Brain Living®


ThrivingLives provides one-of-a-kind Higher Brain Living® program that utilizes new discoveries in the human brain. It allows you to make radical change in your life – quickly and without struggle!

Discover the technique which clients report has helped rid them of following limitations:

  • FEAR

Clients report experiencing:

  • more creativity
  • more calm energy, increased productivity
  • more focused mind & clarity
  • seeing solutions instead of problems
  • more joy and well-being
  • finding purpose and meaning in life
  • peace of mind and spirituality

During sessions most clients experience great relaxation and the physical lightness in their body early on in the process. “Feeling happier” is a common comment after sessions. It is a natural result of a stress relief. Freed-up energy gradually increases Metabolism in frontal lobes, that evolved for human advancement. More oxygen is required and clients feel breath expansion. When brain is in this receiving growth-mode, we repeatedly anchor person’s hopes and goals into the part of the brain that can manifest them into reality. New neural pathways are forming. NEW THOUGHT PATTERNS MANIFEST NEW HABITS. THE CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! And changes become lasting in the process.

When you access the field of Infinite Possibilities, opportunities for Extra-ordinary Life show up! You have to experience it to fully understand the POWER OF THE MIND.

For questions or to make appointment for a Discovery-session, contact Eila at Eila@ThrivingLives.com.

Studies show we only can utilize about 5-10% of the potential of this most evolved part of our brain. Would you like to have more of it available to you? Imagine having unlimited resources to create the best version of you in every area of your life: Physical, Mental, Relational, and Financial. What would your dream life look? How would it change the life of your loved ones and everybody around you. How would it FEEL to live in this new world? It is only your habitual state of consciousness that determines how much or how little of that infinite good you can experience.

Higher Brain Living® program helps you to expand your consciousness to start responding from position of Strength, Confidence, and Clarity, rather than dropping into Fear and Reaction. Free yourself from the limits of subconscious mind and start building your dream life you desire and so deserve!

Transform and Heal, the Success will follow effortlessly.

Eila Norberg is Advanced License Higher Brain Living® Facilitator since August-2012. She became Certified Master Facilitator of Higher Brain living® program in August 2, 2015.

We cannot emphasize how big impact STRESS has in our daily life, in both physical and emotional health. Feeling of well-being is our body’s true, natural state, but without a clear channel to the Higher Brain, stress becomes our baseline in life.

Stress relief is one of the first things people experience during sessions. That’s not a bad start, wouldn’t you agree? From there the Journey is just beginning!

NEW! Further Expand and shift in Consciousness! Experience New Mastery Level of Higher Brain Living® program. Offered ONLY for previous Higher Brain Living® students!

Stay tuned to coming blogs and articles about topics like: Myths and misleading beliefs about Health, Wealth, and Desires, How the brain works, Why we are stuck in negative fear-thinking, How to reprogram our brain for success, Manifesting all we desire consciously.

For questions or to make appointment contact Eila at Eila@ThrivingLives.com.

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