About Thriving Lives


IMAGINE… Living a Life in Optimal Health, Wealth, and Joy. Life that also reflects your deepest values and highest aspirations!

WHAT IF You could:

  • Eliminate Stress, Worry, and Overwhelm
  • Fall asleep quicker, stay longer in a deeper sleep state
  • Gain your optimal weight and STAY fit and vibrant
  • Eliminate or reduce physical/mental pain, accelerate healing

WHAT IF changing HOW you think could lead becoming your “best self” and you could:

  • Find a new or renewed relationship, a closer connection to your family, true love?
  • Be more productive and satisfied at work or start a successful business or career?
  • Simply empower yourself to do what you do every day with more passion, attention, focus and less effort?

Would any of this add VALUE into your life? Would you be open for change, if it was made simple and effortless?

Eila-Websize-5 (2)Eila at ThrivingLives has a great passion to empower others to create a Prosperous, Healthy and Purpose-driven life!

She wants to bring a new level of Consciousness in the field of Health and Healing. She believes in a personal growth philosophy that harmonizes the best of both Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sciences in a transformational, yet doable approach. Come and discover fundamental and practical tools & techniques to dissolve Unconscious Patterns of Behavior that can create instability and stress and block you from living the life you love.

Eila truly believes: We can have it all – the healthy, abundant life-style that reflects our deepest values and highest aspirations! We can change the direction in our life to HAVE MORE, BECOME MORE and ultimately GIVE MORE! It is an INSIDE JOB, Step by Step transformational journey!

Eila would like to provide you with tools you need to discover your dormant powers to tap into a new and exciting Reality! But maybe your first concern at this time is simply reducing Physical/Mental pain – no matter where you come from, what you’ve been through, or what circumstances you find yourself in now – ThrivingLives has solutions!

Need more info? Let us know how we can help!