About Eila

I come from Finland, where I had my formal education: M.Sc. in Engineering, B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics and B.Sc. in Marketing & Economics. I had a successful career, good health and close family and friends around me, yet at the end of the day I felt a longing for something beyond the ‘normal’ everyday routine. Was this it! Could there be more……

What did I really want my life to look like?

I met my husband in Finland and moved to US. After two years as a programmer with Unisys Corp. in Sacramento, CA and with Amadeus GmbH in Miami, FL we moved to Germany, where our one and only son was born.

My personal transformation began, when we returned to US. I completed B.Sc. in Holistic Nutrition and began to advocate a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Quantum Physics studies and becoming a certified Tachyon (Quantum Physics) Wellness Practitioner paved the way to discovering the transformational Higher Brain Living® program.

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center™ , Mendota Heights opened the doors on 12/12/12, after my training in August-2012. Since then I have integrated to my practice other awesome modalities like Electro Therapy, Reconnective Healing® & Reconnection™ and BodySound®. Now in 2 new locations.

I enjoy connecting with like-minded people, experiment with new discoveries, to collaborate in creating new group experiences. I love being in nature, eat ethnic healthy food, practice mindfulness in groups, music & laughter, transformational retreats far and near. And….well, studying and exploring the unknown!

Along my own journey I learned that there is no lack of resources – we only need to recover our limitless Resource-Fullness within!

It is my passion to empower others to tune into their success and health, to fully live their purpose in happiness! Join me and become a Dream-Life Builder!


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